Conflict-based search with D* lite algorithm for robot path planning in unknown dynamic environments(SCI)

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项目简介:This study proposes a locally observable robot pathfinding algorithm, conflict-based search with D* lite (CBS-D*), to realize automatic and effective pathfinding in mixed environments with dynamic obstacles. It presents a prejudgment mechanism of collision avoidance and investigates a wait and circuity strategy to promote pathfinding performance. Compared with the D* lite, the experimental results demonstrate that CBS-D* achieves a higher success rate and obstacle avoidance number, and a lower time step. By this collision avoidance mechanism, CBS-D* gives all successes in pathfinding in various dynamic environments, while D* lite may result in some failures. Specifically, CBS-D* has around 31% in the average success rate of pathfinding improved to D* lite in a 32 × 32 map. Furthermore, CBS-D* gives a superiority of self-adaptability and intelligence in unknown dynamic environments.
项目作者:学生作者:Zhuping Zhou (周朱平), Mengyuan Jin (金梦园), Xiaolian Yang (阳小莲)