Blockchain-Based Healthcare and Medicine Data Sharing and Service System (EI)

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项目简介:As the remarkable development of blockchain technology, it attracts a considerable attentions and has a significant impact on various scientific domains, such as healthcare and medicine industry. However, in real-world scenarios of healthcare and medicine applications, data sharing and service are confronted with some challenges because the data has the characteristics of multi-source, heterogeneity, large-scale, etc. Moreover, security and management issues during the stages of data extraction, storage, transfer, access, etc., should be taken into account for healthcare and medicine data sharing and service. To provide a more flexible, reliable, and convenient service for healthcare and medicine, this paper proposes a data sharing and service system, termed HMChain, developed on blockchain technology. This system consists of three layers referring to a data extraction and storage layer for multi-source data integration and distributed data storage, a data management layer for data secure transfer and access, and a data application layer for various user-oriented services. Furthermore, several healthcare and medicine data sharing and service scenarios have been depicted in detail. Overall, this system can provide convenient services for healthcare management, clinical research, medicine traceability, neuroscience research, etc.
项目作者:学生作者:阳小莲(Xiaolian Yang), 邬朝磊(Chaolei Wu), 颜兴宇(Xingyu yan)