An algorithm J-SC for detecting communities in Complex Networks(SCI)

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项目简介:Currently, community detection in complex networks has become a hot-button topic. In this paper, based on the Spectral Clustering (SC) algorithm, we introduce the idea of Jacobi iteration, and then propose a novel algorithm J-SC for community detection in complex networks. Furthermore, the accuracy and efficiency of this algorithm are tested by some representative real-world networks and several computergenerated networks. The experimental results indicate that the J-SC algorithm can accurately and effectively detect the community structure in these networks. Meanwhile, compared with the state-ofthe-art community detecting algorithms SC, SOM, K-means, Walktrap and Fastgreedy, the J-SC algorithm has better performance, reflecting that this new algorithm can acquire higher values of modularity and NMI. Moreover, this new algorithm has faster running time than SOM and Walktrap algorithms.
项目作者:王明珠Mingzhu Wang, 王嫣然Yanran Wang, 洪哲昊Zhehao Hong, 朱延辉Yanhui Zhu